Our story

Our story starts few years ago when Andy took over a failing team within a Market Research firm. Tasked with the job of turning it around, Andy asked advice from one of the internal statisticians. What would he have done if Andy and his team were a client?

The statistician put together a very simple survey that Andy distributed to all the team clients. Once the data was back the statistician applied a special process to analyze customer data. The process quickly determined why the team was underperforming, and highlighted which were the specific reasons that drove the performance down: time of response, number of errors, and customer support.

Based on these results, Andy was able to quickly address those three causes of bad performance, by tracking specific metrics and adding clear KPIs to the team. Within 3 months, the team was back on track.

At Satsum, we recognize that many of these techniques would be extremely useful to small businesses, but at the moment they’re buried in expensive “full service” consulting packages. So we are developing technologies to provide this (and other) techniques in an easy to use SaaS product. Because every company in the world should have the tools to build great and sustainable customer relationships.