Customer Feedback done well: 3 feedback forms we really like

Michele Paselli

by Michele Paselli

April 28, 2015

In my previous post, I’ve described how since starting Satsum we’ve been collecting feedback forms and discovered almost no one does it well. Almost.

It’s now time to find out who are the companies that do it well (at least in our opinion). We’ve compiled a list of the best feedback forms around, enjoy!


Airbnb customer feedback

Why we like it

Airbnb guest review form is compact, quick to answer, and flows really well. Rating questions come with a large headline presenting the attribute to rate and a smaller description with more details about the question. You don’t need to read it if it’s already clear what you need to rate at first glance. The 5 points scale makes it straightforward to reply, and a text based description of the outcome is added on the right for extra clarity.

The overall design is clean and fresh, and most importantly in line with the pre-booking and pre-stay guest experience. Airbnb is giving a clear signal that its guests are not less important after they have made a booking. Well done Airbnb!


Hubspot customer feedback

Why we like it

Hubspot smartly uses its “Thank you” page to re-engage the user in checking out various content and further exploring Hubspot resources. Plus, the puppy at the end of the page would raise a smile even on your grumpiest customer.


Uberconference customer feedback

Why we like it

Uberconference instantly connects a bad review to their customer support system. The support ticket is quickly handled and the response is partly customised based on the text feedback (in the example above I couldn’t hear the other participants). Using customer feedback as another channel to customer support is a great way to build credibility and to incentivise continuous feedback from your customers.

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Michele Paselli


Co-founder @ Satsum. Helping companies get customer love.