There’s life after the web: why customer experience goes beyond conversions

Michele Paselli

by Michele Paselli

May 14, 2015

When I speak to people about Satsum, I often hear “Yeah…we already measure customer experience, we track conversions”. This comment makes me think that the digital era has made most of us “over digitalised”. And gave me the inspiration for this post.

There is life after the web

Unless all aspects of the service you offer are completely delivered online, chances are that some of the interactions your customers experience with your company won’t happen through the almighty web.

Think about a simple e-commerce store. Imagine you obsessively optimise every possible user flow, leading to incredible conversions of customers towards the magical check-out button. But then your delivery partner sucks, leading to late deliveries and lost parcels.

The conversions you measure may be great. But I can assure you, customers probably won’t come back. Leaky bucket anyone? (sorry I just couldn’t resist..)

Leaky bucket

Sounds obvious? Frankly it is, but many seem to forget that. My guess is that most of us start with conversions because it’s a lot easier and cheaper to do so. You can simply get a Google Analytics or Mixpanel account, set up a couple of events on your website, and you’re done!

But setting up a customer experience program that measures interactions in real life..oh that’s hard! I’ll probably need to set up a survey..wait a second..a survey? That ugly, boring, stuff I always get after every flight? No way I’m going to inflict that on my customers!

Although I agree the industry has fundamentally ruined the perception of consumers towards surveys, they are still the best way to capture your customers’ opinion about the experience you offer them. Quite a few new techniques, like Net Promoter Score, have been developed to remove the burden of those long 20 minutes questionnaires. And there is some light at the end of the tunnel, innovation is finally come here as well (tip: us or them).

So, next time you hear about Customer Experience don’t jump straight into Conversions. There is more than that. And remember, there’s no growth without retention, and there’s no retention without a great overall customer experience. From web to real life.

Michele Paselli


Co-founder @ Satsum. Helping companies get customer love.