Our team

Andy Lees

Co-founder and CEO

Andy is the father of Satsum, which was in Andy’s head for quite a few years before it actually happened (see Our story).

Andy is an industry expert, with two decades of experience in working at the forefront of technology for market research. He believes passionately that the right metrics can save a business money, help managers achieve their goals faster, and result in a higher level of service for the customer.

Michele Paselli

Co-founder and COO

Michele is passionate about making enterprise software more human. Michele managed pretty much any kind of product, from small to huge, from physical to software.

He previously cofounded KeepInTouch, an enterprise software for alumni communities, and bootstrapped the flagship product for Lumi Technologies, a UK Future 50 company.

Darius Serksnas

Co-Founder and Head of Design

Darius is the man pushing the whole Satsum team towards a perfect blend of aesthetic and functional user experience.

Darius is an experienced digital designer and art director, and has worked with the most exciting London agencies in projects from fashion retail to heavy analytics.