Here’s how Tidee uses Satsum to make their customers fall in love with their service

Tidee provides house cleaning services in London. Jamie, Tidee's customer experience manager, chose Satsum to understand how to make sure customers are so happy with the service that they keep coming back.

As first thing Jamie sets up a survey for all hosts. Jamie doesn't need to think about survey structure or which questions to ask, because Satsum creates it automatically. He only needs to pick the metrics he's interested on, so he initially starts with 5 metrics that are usually tracked in hospitality services.


Jamie then customizes the survey to reflect Tidee brand


and tests the end result. Awesome, Jamie is happy with the survey look and he’s ready to send it off.


Tidee already uses Mailchimp to communicate to their hosts, so the easiest thing is to use the same address lists to send the survey. He links his Satsum account with Tidee Mailchimp account


and uses the Satsum template to create a new email campaign to all Tidee hosts.


Fast forward a week…

The data from the first survey wave is back with a great response rate: 35%! Satsum has automatically calculated Tidee‘s Net Promoter Score and determined which metrics drive that score, so Jamie knows how to improve it. Also, the scores of the various metrics can be fed back to the different departments of Tidee, so everyone is in line.


Jamie now wants to automate the process a bit, so that he doesn’t need to manually send surveys from Mailchimp every time. Using the Automatic feedback feature, he simply adds a Satsum email in Bcc to all email receipts hosts get at the end of the service. Once the receipt is sent to the host, Satsum then follows up with an email asking for feedback.


The first results

Jamie has now a pretty good view of what the majority of Tidee host want and need, and he’s working hard to feed all this precious information back to the business. Thanks to the insights provided by Satsum, Tidee Net Promoter Score increased from 23 to 30 in the past 3 months, a great achievement.


Adding granularity

Jamie now wants to dig more into the host customer experience. From talking to hundreds of hosts and tirelessly reading their feedback, he knows that the customer experience differs substantially from newly signed up hosts to experienced hosts, but he can’t really quantify that. He decides then to create another survey, which is sent only to the hosts who have signed up to Tidee during the past 60 days. After few weeks of data collection, the results show interesting insights. Jamie understands that he will need to tailor the customer experience of the two customer cohorts.

Being customer centric

Tidee is now a customer centric company. Jamie has set up more surveys to measure separately all different aspect of the business, including customer support and housekeeping staff. Tidee customers are happier than ever (the Net Promoter Score is now 50), and Tidee feels motivated and proud to deliver such a great service.