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Satsum is the easiest way to start managing your customer feedback and improving your service.

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Easy Set-up

Satsum gets you started faster than any other survey tool. No need to worry about what questions to ask - we'll build the survey for you. We ask a few simple questions to help us understand your business. Then we combine the results with best practice survey templates. And Voila! You're ready to start collecting feedback. Of course, you can still edit and customize the survey at any time.

Cool Surveys

Satsum surveys look great and work everywhere. We use use mobile ready HTML5 for a great user experience on mobile, tablet and desktops. Satsum also has the unique ability to learn which questions are important for your business. And by only asking about the important stuff we're able to keep the questionnaire short and sweet. This makes the survey easy for your customers to complete, so you get more data.

Actionable Insights

Satsum is the only automated survey tool that has advanced statistics build in. So we can identify which aspects of your service are most important to your customers. And you can target improvements where they’ll have most impact. Our intuitive dashboard will monitor your progress then highlight actions for targeted improvement. Helping you reach your goals faster and more cost effectively.